A. Compared with rubber core, resin core is lighter and faster. Applying resin core to ball design not only enhances the ball performance in many ways, but also helps the nature-caring with fully recyclable materials.

B. High MOI (moment of inertia): A feature only for balls with resin inner core + rubber outer core, such as RZN Pro and RZN Distance. This technology grants the ball with a piercing and stable flight, especially in windy conditions.

3D texture to maximize contact surface for better energy transfer and longer distance.
3D texture on a mantle surface to maximize energy transfer for higher speed in all shots. Mantle has more contact area with cover = Mantle grabs cover better for more greenside spin.

A. 13,558 micro-dimples on the entire ball surface.

B. Reduces air drag and enhances carry distance.

Our soft TPU cover enhances grip and control in wet conditions.